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Email Extractor + Mailbox SDK + Web Extractor + Email Addre 2.7

With this tool you can extract and backup all documents in one operation
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Occasionally, when your computer gets infected with a virus, or your operating system cannot boot up, it is very difficult to recover your email messages. To tackle this problem you can use "Email Extractor + Mailbox SDK + Web Extractor + Email Address Hunter", which is a complete package that allows you to back up all your email boxes from MS Outlook Express version 4.0 and up to 6.0, MS Outlook (97 and up to 2007), Euroda and Thunderbird. Your email boxes will be detected automatically and displayed in the mailbox manager application. In this way, you can manually add your mailbox file or folder, view the folders and read the email messages of each mailbox along with their complete headers.

The program's package includes a tool to extract email addresses from your mailbox files or from the mailbox manager application. The email address extractor supports filters and allows you to build your own filters and export them as a plain text file or a CSV file.

Mailbox SDK is the API that can be called by an external program. This is useful for coders who want to implement mailbox back up, plus viewing and searching functionality, in their programs. The web extractor retrieves email addresses from any web page you visit through an Internet Explorer plug-in - it will automatically collect email addresses and bring them to your E-mail Extractor's main window.

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  • Can back up an unlimited number of email boxes
  • Extracts an unlimited number of email addresses from your email boxes
  • Has an IE plugin that extracts email addresses from any web page that you visit


  • No restore mailbox functionality
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